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When COVID-19 became the overwhelming concern to the world people suddenly were faced with how to handle healthcare decisions for their family? With any illness, if it is severe or lengthy in duration, other family members and friends may need to provide you with assistance. That includes the legally documented ability to make healthcare decisions for your medical care, and for terminating medical care when deemed appropriate. Everyone should review what "legal" documents they have in force that can be used by their loved ones to assist them if a medical situation incapacitates them. We all know accidents can happen to create an urgent need, but after the Covid19 threat arrived in 2020, necessity pushed individuals to finally take the steps to review or sign new documents for healthcare surrogates, medical POAs and pre-need guardian designations for themselves and their loved ones. No one should let the government or hospital decide how they would want to have treatment for a medical crisis.

If you have questions, please contact us. We want to help alleviate your concerns about these documents.