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    • What is a "LL.M. in Taxation"? This is the advanced law degree earned after law school, and represents a Masters of Laws in Taxation.
    • Do you need a tax attorney? That depends on your net worth and/or your plans for transactions and estate planning. Many attorneys can handle general legal issues. Many accountants can handle many tax issues. However, if you have to plan for legal documents that involve complicated tax matters or involve potential tax traps, then you should consider an attorney with a tax education, such as a LL.M. in Taxation, or an attorney who is also a CPA.

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Q: We work for a non profit recovery center and are paid in cash. Should we report our income: They don't report it

A: M Kay Lewis’s answer: Yes! The Internal Revenue Code section 61 requires you to report ALL income from whatever source derived. Even if the employer does not provide you with documents stating how much your were paid, you are required to keep records and report the income from the "best information available". The non-profit you work for needs to contact an attorney or accountant and get the tax forms filed and pay the appropriate employment taxes, but that is their responsibility. If you are unable to determine your income from them, then ask them for an accounting of it if they have it. In either instance, you must still show the income on your tax return and pay any income tax you may owe on it. Your accountant could help you with this matter. 

Q: Is my boss illegally taxing me? i never filled out any tax forms, he pays cash and takes out 20% for "taxes": i live in california and work 45 hours a week to make 260 (8.00 an hr) and he does not pay overtime or give benefits. its ranch work and he pays with cash weekly so he shouldnt be taxing right?

A: M Kay Lewis’s answer: An employer is required to withhold taxes regardless of whether he pays you in cash or by check unless you are an exempt type of employee, and it does not sound as if you are exempt. In addition, you must be given the information on what tax, and how much of each tax is withheld as well as what is your total pay and net pay. Anything withheld is by law held "in trust" and must be deposited to the taxing agency of the government it is withheld for, such as the IRS or the State. YOU NEED TO FOLLOW-UP ON THIS. You may be entitled to back-pay for overtime in addition to an accounting of the taxes withheld. There is little way to claim your tax refund on your tax returns without proper accounting and reporting by your employer, thus the laws are fairly clear on what your employer must do. First contact the State of Florida office as already recommended regarding your employer's "tax" withholding. Then I suggest you also contact the Fair Labor Standards Board, this is the federal agency that follows up on employer's that fail to pay required minimum wages or overtime payments. You may be entitled to more than you think. A California labor lawyer could assist you on these issues. 

Q: If you give a tax professional your banking account and routing numbers is that okay?: Or not?

A: M Kay Lewis’s answer: Yes, as it is the only way they can get you either a direct deposit of a refund, or a direct debit of a payment from your bank account.